From Then to Now

I thought that when I entered nursing school I would be updating my blog every week. I thought that I’d be able to create time markers for my progress and note when I had breakthroughs with how what we learned in school related to holistic nursing specifically. I had no idea that the accelerated program I was in would make it so I had no time to do anything but study 14 hours per day, eat, and attend class. Sleep happened sometimes, but not on a regular schedule. With that being said, I’m happy I can reflect on it all now, but I am no longer a student. I am an RN and I have an MSN. My MSN is classified as advanced generalist since I had a bachelors degree in a different area prior to licensure. My education extends beyond what an BSN offers but I am still just as fresh as the other new grads I work with.

My social media is filled with people in the holistic health community and I hear many negative perspectives on Western/allopathic medicine. This concerns me to the point in which I hope that people will seek allopathic treatment over no treatment at all if they have a major health event (like a stroke) or have no resources or knowledge about holistic health options. When I hear comments about how terrible it is to be a nurse because all we do is “push meds” I am encouraged. Nursing allows me to give medications, sure, but it also allows me to hold medications in unsafe situations and educate people on how to improve their health so that one day they may not need medication any longer. I help people change their lives in simple ways in which they can enjoy a better quality of life and have relief from ailments they never thought would get better. Some see limitations in the scope of practice for a nurse instead of seeing how extensive it is. For a nurse to empower a patient a nurse must first be empowered. This thought process is the first step in becoming a holistic nurse. I may not be a nursing student any longer but I am still learning and the essence of being a healthcare practitioner is improving one’s art and utilizing science in the best way possible. I look forward to continuing.


Welcome and Why

Welcome! I have created this blog to document my journey in becoming a holistic nurse. Since holistic nursing is a relatively new field that many people are not aware of yet, it is my goal to bring awareness to the profession and the positive aspects of it. It is also my goal to help others who may want to see the details of what I’ve done to get here and what it will take for me to accomplish my goals.

There is a term in oil painting called working in layers. When an artist works in layers they apply paint and let it dry before applying the next layer. One layer is a base, another an outline, and it may be finished with varnish or glaze. Nursing is one of many layers in my career painting in which I’m working in layers. I have a bachelors degree in health administration and have experience working in various health administrative, sales, and holistic settings. My goal is to open a holistic health campus for older adults. If engaging in the training and work of your life’s path brings feelings of joy, peace, and passion, you’ve probably found the right thing. That is how I feel about my specific aspirations. I love seeing that passion in others as well. One thing this blog is not about is getting people to be like me. Here I’m offering my own perspective and experience and love to see the paths that people are paving for themselves in their own lives. I enjoy seeing people use their talents, and develop their skills beyond their wildest dreams.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment with your blog or work that shares something about who you are or what you are passionate about in life.

Best regards and much success to you, always.